Friday, April 29, 2016

Two weeks in...

     This coming Monday will be two weeks on Plexus Slim Boost (for me) Accelerator (for The Captain) and we have definitly  felt a change. The Captain isn't getting tired by mid day and actually went all of last weekend without coffee and no headache. I noticed small things at first but now feel more energized, more alert, and over all just awake. Monday we will switch it up a bit, I will take the Accelerator and The Captain will take the Boost. Then we will be able to see which one we want to keep using for next month. Might also add Plexus 96 shakes! 
     If you are looking for a healthy, natural way to feel alive please check out my friend, Monica's website and consider Plexus! Click on the pic below!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Plexus 30 day

     A friend of mine shared her story about how Plexus has given her new life in the past few months, so much so that she started selling the product. The Captain and I have been looking for something to jump start our weight lose and decided to take the leap of faith for health, as she called it! We started today! The Captain is taking the Accelerator for the first 2 weeks and Boost the last 2 weeks and I am taking the Boost for the first 2 weeks and the Accelerator for the last 2 weeks!

     I used to be really good at drinking plenty of water during the day but slacked off a bit during the business of the move. I knew I would have to drink plenty of water during the next 30 days so I downloaded this really cool app called Hyrdo Coach (found in the google play store) This app is so fun and easy to use and it has really gotten me back on track!
     Breakfast is gonna be the fun meal of the day. We grab a banana or fruit/nut granolia bar and go. Good thing is I am not even hungry till about 11:30-12:00 so maybe that's not all bad! I had a tuna salad sandwich and an apple for lunch today and am making baked flounder for dinner. It's so refreshing having fruits and veggies, fish and chicken in the house. Healthy choices can only be made if you don't give yourself the temptations of unhealthy choices! ;-)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

New Beginnings, New Adventures, New Outlook on Life

     Ok, so maybe the same outlook on life as I have had for the past 2 years but everything else has changed! Ha! 
     After almost 10 years in Lil Ole Wylie, Texas, we have moved Da'Lo Chritielida to Allen, Texas. We downsized a bit, have a pool and we are back in the City! LOVE our new place! Still enjoy my bird watching from my dining area window and now my living room, office and bedroom windows! We have bunnies and a pair (so far) of squirrels that hang around on a daily basis as well. It's like Country life followed us! :-)
     The Captain is still with the Architectural firm in Dallas and we have given Anchor Light a new look as it is now Cad plan drawings for different clients throughout the State of Texas. 
     Oldest son is now in Oklahoma, oldest daughter has an apartment 5 minutes away and is working as a Captain for Buffalo Wild Wings, youngest daughter runs the Market at Braum's and youngest son graduates next month and is working at Market Street. They have grown up right before my eyes and I am in aw of them every day!
     Me? I'm learning new things! Ukulele, Hula, Hawaiian and so much more which is why I have decided to start blogging again! 
     Some of you are new readers, some of you are old readers, either way I will try not to bore you too much and I hope you enjoy following my crazy life! Please leave comments so I know you stopped by!